With a grant from the Dart Center — one of eight journalists awarded — Andrea spent 2017 working on an investigative radio and web series called ‘The Argument.’ Each story began with the single argument that led to a homicide, then unraveled to reveal a history of abuse, mental illness, trauma and distrust in law enforcement. 

Murder Motives In Kansas City? Let's Start With The Argument - KCUR
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'Superhuman Strength:' When Drugs Shorten The Fuse, An Argument Can Turn Deadly - KCUR
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Domestic Abuse, An Argument And A Gun Lead To Murder In Brookside - KCUR
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Beyond The Argument: Five Dead — And Counting — In Kansas City, Kansas - KCUR
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She Left Her Dream Job Because Of Her Boss — Now He's Charged With Battery - KCUR
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Series: The Argument

This exclusive story came out the day the criminal trial began. The next day, a jury found her boss guilty of misdemeanor battery. Then, he resigned. The Unified Government told KCUR if he hadn't, they would have fired him. About a week later, Maddie Waldeck sued the Unified Government for gender discrimination, harassment and retaliation. All of these stories can be found at

'We’re Killing Off Our Youth' — Kansas City, Kansas, Mourns The Sixth In A String Of Killings - KCUR
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From ‘Crime-Dotte’ To Wyandotte — Kansas City, Kansas, Teens Are Fed Up With The Violence - KCUR
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I've spent a lot of time with teens in Wyandotte County. What I heard again and again? The media only comes around when there's violence. They think that’s partly why their community is known as ‘Crime-Dotte.’ So, when I decided to report on a homicide that took the life of a teen last winter, I decided to pair that story with a story of resilience. I would shine light on the work those teens are doing to stop the violence.

Mini-series: Violence and resilience

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